Hi! My name is Fabio and I’m a songwriter and music producer!
After my classical degree in Percussion (2009) I signed my first publishing deal as a songwriter with Warner Chappell Italy and in the last 10 years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of great Artists and Producers all over the world.
I achieved 5 PLATINUM records with the song “La mia storia con te” written for ALESSANDRA AMOROSO (also released in Spanish version “Una historia de amor” in Latin America), 1 PLATINUM record with the song “What U Do To Me” written for ROSHELLE for the final show at Xfactor Italy 2016 and 1 GOLD record with the song “Vincerò” written for ANNALISA (Warner Music Italy 2015).
I’ve been writing songs also for the Spanish market in Mexico with the song “Justo a tiempo” for MIJARES (Warner Music MX – 2014) and with the song “Diez Mil Vidas” written for SERGIO DALMA (Warner Music Spain – 2013).
When I moved to Los Angeles in 2018 I found a new place where to experiment and create music with amazing people from all over the world, facing new challanges and growing as a musician and as a person.

Recently I’ve been writing and producing songs for the British Artist IAGO and the very talented singer/songwriter ALEXIS ASHLEY.